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What is it?

  • Fear of contamination or germs

  • Violent or morally upsetting thoughts

  • Constantly checking or seeking reassurance

  • Excessive hand-washing 

  • Anxiety about the safety of loved ones 


OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is where you have intrusive thoughts that seem to get stuck in your head and you engage in compulsions, or things to try and get rid of the thought or image. OCD can have different 'themes' such as contamination, existential, sexual, pedophilia, religious, relationships, harm and more. 

The most effective treatment for OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention or ERP. In this treatment, you learn how to expose yourself to your feared thoughts/images and then change how you respond to these thoughts/images by not engaging in the compulsions or things you do to take away the anxiety. 

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