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Tics are involuntary, repetitive movements and vocalizations. Tic Disorders are a childhood-onset neurological conditions known collectively as Tic Disorders and individually as Tourette Syndrome (TS), Persistent (Chronic) Motor or Vocal Tic Disorder, and Provisional Tic Disorder.

These three Tic Disorders are named based on the types of tics present (motor, vocal/phonic, or both) and by the length of time that the tics have been present. Read more about it here.

Recommended treatment is CBIT or Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics.
1.) Awareness training: learning to be aware of the tic and urges. 
2.) Competing response: creating and practicing a response where the person is unable to do the tic.
3.) Functional Assessment: making changes to day to day activities in ways that can be helpful in reducing tics.
See here for more information.

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